_DSC2235_lo resAnn runs a successful personal training and yoga business in the Algarve, Portugal.

Her love affair with food started back in the early 90’s when she opened an Award winning Vegetarian restaurant, The Laughing Lentil Cafe, in Northampton.

At the time Ann was a vegetarian and struggled to find any restaurants to eat vegetarian food that wasnt a frozen vegetable lasgane, so she decided to open up a restaurant.  The restaurant was rated as one of the top 10 vegetarain restaurants in the UK for several years.  But after running it for 5 years, Ann decided to move into the corporate world.

Ann is now a Personal Trainer and Yoga teacher,  and so nutrition and food play a key part in everyday work.  Ann takes a holistic view , so even if a client is a Personal Training client,  massage client or attends a yoga class then nutrition is always a big part of the process.

What we put into the body and how we fuel it plays a key role in how your body functions on a day to day basis.  Even aches and pains can be put down to food if what you are eating is too inflamatory for the body.

It is with this in mind that Ann decided to set up eat2lovelife,  as it is so important that rather than keep it hidden within the depths of fit2lovelife it needs to stand out by itself.